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My name is Chloe Miller. I am an artist born and raised in a small town in northern Vermont, and have recently moved to an even smaller town. Like only 350 people small. When I'm not documenting love stories I love being surround by nature, walking along the riverside, painting under the pines, and photographing mountain tops.

I enjoy the outside just as much as building authentic one on one relationships with people. I love to get to know your love story, goals, and future plans. Documenting love and life isn't something I take lightly. With the best days of your life come heightened emotions. I’ll be here to support you through the nerves, the excitement, the tears, and the dancing!

Let me Introduce myself!


I want to visit all 63
national Parks.
i have two amazing fur babies
I am a military wife

Fun Facts 

but I am also a military wife. My husband Jacob and I have been together for five years. We have been through one deployment where he spent his time serving in the Middle East. We enjoy traveling the world and emursing ourselves in natures beauty. We have watched the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain in Maine, and the sunset at the most southern point of the U.S. on the big island of Hawaii. We love to explore near and far, but can also relax and binge watch Survivor or Gilmore Girls! 

I am a fur momma to the cutest floofers! We really enjoy snuggling.

I am a big sister! I am 5 years older than my little sister. I can’t help but think of her as the little preschooler running off the bus and hugging me tight. I cry with every milestone she hits. Her 8th grade graduation, high school graduation, her 19th birthday, and getting accepting into a dental program. I love her so much, and couldn’t be prouder to be her big sister!!!

I love to draw, paint, make jewelry, knit, and pretty much anything artsy. I always have, and always will. I am either listening to music, podcasts, or the sounds of nature. 

I am a photographer

My life


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